Benefits of Going Abroad

Personal Development


Interning abroad increases self-confidence, independence, and self-reliance. Students learn to handle difficulties independently, resolving conflicts and trusting their natural abilities to aid them. It’s an experience that will go with the students for the rest of their lives.

A Shift in Perspective


While students may be exposed to different cultures at home, the scope of their cultural perspective is often limited to those of their friends, family, and country. This isn’t inherently good or bad; it’s simply a result of environment. Thus, upon being thrust into a new culture, students encounter new ideas, theories, and beliefs. While students may not necessarily agree with these opposing ideologies, they will begin to understand the factors that inform them, gaining an international appreciation of cultural issues.

Building a Career


With the increase in globalization, companies are seeking employees with previous experiences abroad. Companies value the skills developed from interning abroad: communication skills, analytical skills, flexibility, working as part of a team, cultural contexts and understanding, the ability to adapt to foreign concepts, and a multifaceted worldview. In addition, the skills that make you marketable to companies also make you more attractive to graduate schools.



Our applications open every year on May 15. Our applications are now open for 2017. Programs fill up quickly. We encourage interested students to apply as soon as they are ready.

Onsite Support


Panrimo program participants enjoy the benefits of an onsite coordinator. Panrimo onsite coordinators are local experts enhancing the Panrimo experience and are available 24/7 for student assistance. Students receive bi-weekly email correspondence from the onsite coordinator suggesting things to see and do, acting as a cultural bridge in a new city. In addition, the coordinator will lead students on excursions into the surrounding city over the course of their program, to give them a better experience of the local culture.



Course grades and transcripts come in original form from the host university. They are sent to Panrimo’s office 8-12 weeks after the Panrimo program ends. We then forward them directly to the student’s study abroad office. To ensure academic integrity is maintained through the process, advisors are sent all original copies of transcripts.



To further ensure the safety of all students, Panrimo includes medical insurance in all program costs. Panrimo secures medical insurance through HTH Worldwide Health Insurance, utilizing a high benefit insurance package. Some key benefits include doctor visits and ER coverage, evacuation, emergency family connection benefit, travel interruption benefit, and more.

In addition, students may receive insurance benefits from your own health insurance plans. Please check with your

“The excursions were really nice because there weren’t that many tourists. So it was really personal and intimate. It felt really local.”


~ Hannah Mac Dula, University of California Davis

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my credits transfer?

Panrimo works directly with your home institution to facilitate the transfer of credit. All Panrimo host institutions are internationally accredited schools, which provide official transcripts upon completion of your program. Ultimately transfer is dependent on your home institution’s credit transfer policies.

Does financial aid apply?

Yes. Panrimo accepts many forms of financial aid, including but not limited to: Pell Grants, Stafford Loans, and PLUS Loans. Other financial aid and scholarships may transfer, depending on your home institution’s policies. Panrimo strongly recommends that students arrange appointments with their university’s study abroad and financial aid offices to begin the transfer process.

How do I pay?

There are several options:

1)  Financial Aid

2)  By submitting a bank wire to our bank account.

3)  By mailing a personal check.

4)  By requesting an online credit card transaction, which can be paid via your account. Please note that a 3% surcharge will be added to your program total, due to the nature of the electronic transaction.

Where will I live?

Panrimo selects housing location based on safety, proximity to the host university, and access to both local amenities and public transportation. Full housing information will be included in your final packet.

Can I live with a friend?

Yes, if your friend is participating in the same Panrimo program at the same time, then you can request to live together. Be sure to alert your Panrimo advisor to your housing request when you apply.

Do I need a visa?

Visa requirements vary by location and program length. Your Panrimo personal advisor will provide passport and visa assistance after your application is accepted.

Is airfare included?

Airfare is not included in the program cost, but to provide students access to the lowest airfares available, Panrimo partners with STA Travel. Check out to take advantage of the lowest student airfare available!

Are meals included?

Students participating in a homestay are guaranteed two meals a day, five days a week. Students opting for apartments or resident hall accommodations are responsible for providing their own meals. All housing options offer access to kitchens and cooking utensils.

Can I travel during my program?

Absolutely! We only ask that you inform your Panrimo advisor of your travel plans and dates if you plan to leave the country where you are studying.

When will I get my transcripts?

Transcripts will be mailed to your university study abroad office 8-12 weeks after the completion of your program.

Is there a minimum age requirement?

All Panrimo program participants must be at least 18 years of age at the start of their program.

When will I receive my acceptance letter?

Upon completion and receipt of all required documents, your Panrimo advisor will submit your enrollment application to the overseas institution. Your acceptance letter should be received 2-3 weeks later.

Are Panrimo internships paid?

No, Panrimo internships are an unpaid work experience mean to bolster your skill set and resume.

What companies do you work with?

Panrimo partners with a wide variety of businesses, schools non-profit organizations, and clinics to provide high quality internships. Each placement is customized to fit the applicant and their desire work experience.

Are placements guaranteed?

Yes. If your application is approved and Panrimo cannot provide an internship interview, we’ll refund your confirmation deposit.

“This has been the best time of my life!”

Selbi Taganova, Emerson College

Program Policies

Travel and Arrival Policies


Airfare costs and means of transportation to the host city is up to the participant. All Panrimo program participants are required to arrive at their assigned airport between 10am-2pm, local time, on the first day of their program. Failure to do so may jeopardize the participant’s access to airport pickup and transport to their Panrimo housing.

Visa and Passport Policies


A valid passport is required for travel on all Panrimo Programs. Often stays over 90 days in host countries require a visa. Assistance is offered by Panrimo, but the actual process of applying for and acquiring the visa is the responsibility of the applicant alone. Once abroad it is recommended that participants carry a copy of their passport and visa with them at all times.

Panrimo is not responsible for any delays or decisions regarding an applicant’s visa. Including but not limited to: flight change, visa expediting fees, additional accommodation fees, etc.

Program Cancellation Policy


If a Panrimo Program is canceled by Panrimo for reasons outside of the participant’s control, the participant will receive all funds, minus the application fee and confirmation deposit, paid to Panrimo at the time of cancellation.

Late Payments


If a balance has not been paid by the invoiced and/or Program Payment Due Date, or if a financial aid form detailing loan or grant disbursement is not received by Panrimo at or before the deadline, the program participant will incur a $250 late fee. The participant may be held responsible for any costs incurred by Panrimo, too, while working on behalf of the participant.



Housing is included in your Panrimo program. All students are required to vacate housing no later than 12PM, host country time, on the last day of the program. Rules and regulations vary per host country and housing provider, and students must adhere to these rules and regulations.

Housing Deposit



There is a $450 refundable housing deposit. This is due with final program payment. This housing deposit will be refunded minus housing damages, if applicable, within 8-12 weeks of the end of set program date.

Refund Policy



The program fee, once paid, is non-refundable.

Internship Placement Guarantee


Panrimo internship placements are guaranteed. If your application is approved and we can’t provide you with an interview, we’ll refund your confirmation deposit, no questions asked.

 Program Amenities



Panrimo reserves the right to change or adjust program amenities prior to or during the course of the program.

Payment Policies


Application Fee: $49 non-refundable

Program Deposit: Once a participant is accepted in the program there is a non-refundable confirmation deposit that is applied to your total program fee, invoiced and due within 7 days after acceptance into the Panrimo program. Participation is not guaranteed until this confirmation deposit is paid.

This program deposit is refundable if not offered an internship after interview with a potential employer. It is not refundable if participant leaves program on his/her own volition.

Remaining Balance: Due within one week of placement into internship or overseas university (i.e. when official offer/acceptance letter is provided to you from Panrimo). A signed consortium agreement from participant’s financial aid office supersedes these due dates.