14 Oct Ah, nothing like Autumn in Prague

“I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.” –L.M. Montgomery

My favorite season, Autumn, in one of my favorite cities, Prague. -- Photo by Carly Peil

My favorite season, Autumn, in one of my favorite cities, Prague. — Photo by Carly Peil

I got into the great routine of running everyday while I was in Prague. I knew I wanted to spend as much time outside experiencing the city as I could, so I incorporated running into my everyday adventures–and oh what a difference it made. I was in Prague from the end of August to the beginning of December. So, I got to experience my very favorite season amidst castles and cobblestone streets. If there is one thing I know, it’s that fall looks great on Prague.

During the week, I would normally run after school. I would venture off to my favorite park–Letna. Since Letna was situated on the top of a hill, I would usually run through the city to the closest tram that would take me up the hill. From there I would run a loop that took me through tunnels of trees, past dog clubs and slack liners, amidst skaters and bikers, past the bum who lived under the tree, next to the beer garden, on top of one of the greatest views of the city, and back to my tram stop. It was the perfect little run–not too short or too long, and I could always extend or shorten it if I wanted. Somedays I would trek an entirely new route and let myself get lost. I fount that running doesn’t feel like a chore when you can look right and see the castle and left to look down upon the city.

The best part about working this into my routine was that I got to see how my little park changed over the months. From warm summer air to crisp fall breeze; from green leaves to rust everywhere; from blankets of leaves to thin sheets of snow–my park moments grew pretty special to me. What better way to immerse yourself in your surroundings than diving in everyday? It helped me feel at home, in a sense, to find a place in Prague that I could make my own.

These Letna Park moments helped me to further appreciate the beauty that is Autumn. The colors, the smells, the freshest air; my favorite season became even more of my favorite when Prague got a hold of my heart.



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