18 Feb All the Colors of the…Sand?

When it comes to vacation, everyone dreams of relaxing on a white sand beach with a cocktail in one hand and a novel (or Kindle!) in the other. Why limit yourself though? Sand comes in plenty of amazing colors in plenty of equally amazing locations. Why don’t you try…


4) Green 

The picture above is of Papakolea in Hawaii and no, that’s not nasty green algae clinging to the shore, that’s the sand. Greensand to be precise. Thanks to a mineral called olivine, this beach is far more emerald than any you’d find in Ireland.

3) Black

The island of Martinique has both the good and bad luck to be located right next to Mt. Pele, one of history’s most famous volcanoes. As we’re sure you’ve already seen, the volcanic black sand that results from Pele’s bad days makes for a really beautiful, albeit rather gothic, beach scene.

2) Red

Don’t worry! Even though the name of Shark Bay in Australia might make you nervous about HOW the sand got so red, it’s purely mineral in origin. Even cooler is that the minerals in question are semi-precious garnets. How much more lux can a sandy beach get?

1) White (But we’re not playing around)

Okay, so the premise of this article might have been to keep you away from the white beaches, but we honestly couldn’t resist including just one. Lake Salda, in Turkey has some of the whitest beaches in the world, and they come by it hydrothermally! Thanks to the local geography, the sand is made up of hydromagnesite, a blindingly white mineral which can easily be mistaken for snow. Hey, if you’re gonna pick a beach to lounge on, you might as well do it right.

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