07 Jun Traveling Abroad Anxiety

Don't ruin your travels before they start!

Don’t ruin your travels before they start!

“Will I have to use my elementary-level French? Will I be speared with a triton for being American? Will there be peanut butter???”

These are just a couple (of probably a thousand) worries I had before I went on my college study abroad program. These anxieties are felt by almost everyone before you go abroad to study or intern; so don’t feel like you’re alone!

Internally I was a wreck before I left because I am a planner; I want to know every single detail, but you can’t and that’s okay. Here are a few tips to help quell your anxiety.

1. Do not over pack!!!! This is big deal! Trust me you do not need to bring 20 pairs of shoes.  You need a pair of flip-flops, tennis shoes and a pair of going out shoes. Bringing too much means you don’t have room for souvenirs to bring back with you. Also, if you pack too much, the airlines will charge you extra; and not just a little, a lot extra! Lucky enough for a past travel mate, I had room in my bag to put her shoes in my bag.

2. Keep a small copy of your itinerary in your wallet. I do this anytime I am traveling. This way you have everything in arms reach. Do not feel nervous going through customs! Just state why you are there. You can also check out these websites before you leave:

TSA –Know what you can and can’t bring with you on the plane!

Department of State –Be sure to register with your local embassy!

Skype –Keep in contact with your family and friends on the cheap!

Lonely Planet –One of the best travel websites out there.

3. Utilize your support network! This might seem too obvious, but don’t forget all the people ready and willing to help you out! You can contact us any time during your trip no matter the time! We sleep in shifts just so there’s always someone waiting for your email! ;=]

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