Biomedical Engineering Internship in Copenhagen


Spring 2020 (Jan. 25 – April 4, 2020)




May 15, 2019

Remaining Spaces: 1

Biomedical Engineering INTERNSHIP


Collaborate with a team of engineers on design and development work in a university setting. You will be creating and refining drawings for prototypes, based on prototype test resultsEnjoy learning the latest technologies in the fabrication, assembly and testing of prototype models. 



Discover the Danish concept of 'hygge' when you visit this land of the Vikings. This Nordic country with 406 islands is home to people such as Hans Christian Andersen, Niels Bohr, and Søren Kierkegaard. While you're here, you're bound to come across some new celebrations and traditions that you'll want to take home with you.



A Viking fishing village no longer, this capital of Denmark is known for its history, castles, bikes, and amusement parks. With a compact downtown, it is easy to get from site to site, whether that is Tivoli Gardens, Strøget - one of Europe's longest pedestrian streets, or Amalienborg Palace.

Panrimo Internship Guarantee

We guarantee an internship placement to all accepted students. We are the leader in STEM placements.





Gaze in amazement at the 1:20 scale replicas of world landmarks in Mini Land, go on rollercoasters in Adventure Land, or have fun exploring the newest area, Ninjago World. You can easily spend the whole day at LegoLand, the largest tourist attraction in Denmark outside of Copenhagen, and even better, it's located right next to the original Lego factory.


Carlsberg Tour


Visit the site where Carlsberg Beer began. At Jacobsen Brewery, you'll learn about the brewing process and get to taste four different types of beers. Visit the gardens, and explore the Carlsberg city area, and don't miss out on seeing the largest collection of beer bottles in the world.


Tivoli Gardens


Take a trip to the unique Tivoli Gardens, an amusement park and collection of gardens in Copenhagen, located just a few minutes' walk away from City Hall. While you're there, take in northern Europe's longest saltwater aquarium, visit the Chinese bamboo forest, take a ride on one of the world's oldest wooden roller coasters, and enjoy being in a space that Hans Christian Andersen and Walt Disney visited and loved.


Malmo, Sweden


Connected to Copenhagen by the Öresund bridge, this third largest city in Sweden is perfect for a day trip. Explore the Malmö Museums located in the renaissance Malmöhus Castle, go shopping in the large Emporia shopping mall, or try out the open-air public baths and saunas on Ribersborg beach.

“Panrimo was great! The staff and local coordinator were always helpful and made sure everything was going well and that I was having fun.“

— Conor Wooten, Columbia College Chicago

What is Included

Before You Depart

Personal Advisor

Your personal advisor will help with everything from the application process to making sure you feel at home while abroad.

Financial Aid Guidance

Whether it’s a financial aid transfer or advice on budgeting for your new city, Panrimo is there to help.

Visa and Passport Guidance

Our advisors are ready to guide you through the process of applying for your passport and visa. Don’t be afraid to ask questions!

STA Travel Partnership

Panrimo partners with STA Travel to provide affordable options for your travel needs, talk to your advisor before purchasing a ticket!

Resume and Cover Letter Assistance

Starting with an interview and pre-employment skills inventory, our advisors will work with you to polish your resume until it’s perfect.

Pre-Departure Orientation Book

This guide will tell you everything you need to know about living abroad. Be sure to read through it before you board that plane!

Intern for Credit

Your Panrimo advisor will work with your employer and home university to build an internship that counts towards your degree program.

BUNAC Sponsorship

Interview With Employer

After accepting your application and perfecting your resume, Panrimo will arrange a video interview with an employer deemed to be the best fit for your internship.

While you are Abroad

Internship Placement

Your placement is created to best develop your skill set in pursuit of your professional goals.

Airport Pickup

Not sure how to navigate your new city? Not to worry, your on-site coordinator will be waiting at the terminal, ready to take you to your housing.


You’ll spend the day with your coordinator, learning the city, the public transportation, and the ins-and-outs of life in a new country.


All housing is safe, centrally located, and well suited for the international adventurer, with easy access to public transportation. See below for more details!


Panrimo organizes awesome cultural activities that will introduce you to the local culture and take you to some of the best attractions. See above for more details!

On-Site Coordinator

Your coordinator is your go-to contact in London who helps with anything from finding a gym to providing emergency services. They’re here to ensure your trip is fun and stress-free.

Health Insurance

Your program insurance covers doctor visits, ER coverage, evacuation, and many other services with a standard deductible.

Social Activities

Panrimo’s on-site coordinator will arrange mid-week hangouts at local restaurants and cafes, and will let you know what events are taking place locally.

Farewell Dinner

As a last hurrah before you go join other Panrimo program participants and your on-site coordinator for a farewell dinner.

When You Return

Alumni Program

Panrimo program participants are all over the world, and working in a variety of different professions. Connect professionally, or just share stories!

Post-Program Assistance

Need help readjusting? Your Panrimo advisor keeps in contact to make sure credits are transferred and that you adjust to life back in the States!

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On-Site Coordinator

Erik Nasstrom

Years in Denmark:

54 years


Danish, English, Swedish

Countries Visited: I

celand, Sweden, Switzerland, Norway, Germany, France, Malaysia, and England

What’s your favorite time of year/season in Copenhagen, and why?

Though it is cold, winter in Copenhagen is the best. There are many Christmas festivals and the city takes on a great warm feeling. It’s hard to describe.

Favorite local food or drink?

You can’t go wrong with Carlsberg.

Why choose Copenhagen?

I have traveled many places, but never wished to live anywhere else. Copenhagen is a great city with a unique culture and kindness.



All Panrimo students will live in a shared apartment. They are all in safe and secure neighborhoods with easy access to public transportation. Single room upgrades may be available. Ask your Panrimo advisor for more information!

Centrally Located


With easy access to your internship and to the attractions of the city, you’ll have no problem enjoying all aspects of your life abroad.

Fully Furnished


All apartments come furnished with furniture, linens, and cooking utensils provided for your comfort.

Easy Access to Public Transportation


The apartments are within easy walking distance of public transportation. This makes navigating your new city a breeze!

Before You Go...

Arrival Airport


All Panrimo students should fly into Copenhagen Airport (CPH) between 10am-2pm, local time, on the first day of their program.



All interns will need to obtain residence and work permits to work in Denmark. Your Panrimo personal advisor will provide passport and permit assistance after your application is accepted.



The Danish Krone (DKK) is the currency of Denmark. The krone is divided into 50-øre, kr1, kr2, kr5, kr20 coins and kr5, kr10, kr20, kr50, kr100, kr200, kr500, and kr1000 banknotes. 1 Krone equals approximately $.15.

Local Transportation


Getting around Copenhagen is safe and easy. The simplest choice will be to buy a City Pass that lets you travel on the train, metro, and busses all across the city for 24 or 72 hours. A 72 hour pass is DKK 200. The transit operates 24 hours a day, and travel information can be easily found using the Rejseplanen (Journey Planner) website and app.



While Danish is the language of the city, the locals speak English very well, along with German and some French.



Denmark has a relatively mild climate. With average temps topping out at only 68 degrees in the summer, students visiting Copenhagen during the spring and summer will want to bring jeans, t-shirts, and long-sleeve shirts, along with an umbrella and jacket, since rain occurs all year long. Winter visitors will want to bring their warmest clothes, since temperatures hover between the mid-40s to mid-20s October through May.