12 Jul Don’t Appear “Touristy”

Case in point.

Case in point.

When spending any amount of time in a new country, you want to feel like you are absorbing the local culture and avoiding “tourist traps” and stereotypes. Unfortunately, being easily identified as a tourist will make you a perfect target for theft and may also prevent you from meeting real locals. But how to combat this is a place you’ve never been before?

In an article on ehow.com, the writer identifies that clothing is the main item that shows you are a tourist. Research your location before you leave and check out what clothing they wear on a regular basis. You can always buy a few outfits when you arrive if need be, nothing expensive though and you can always wash your outfits so you do not have to buy many.

Do not be afraid to approach some of the locals and start talking to them about why they love their country so much. Many tourists may shy away on this idea because they feel uncomfortable or are only worried about seeing the main tourist attractions. Being polite, respectful, and willing to talk to the natives will open your world of exploration and teach you more than you’d expect.

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