22 Feb Don’t Drink the Water! (Try These Awesome Drinks Instead)

Yes, we’ve all been warned about being TOO adventurous with our culinary exploits while traveling. It’s true that for most of us, being raised on filtered water and bottled soft drinks hasn’t given our bodies the necessary bacteria/antibodies/immunity needed to handle some of the stuff Anthony Bourdain chucks down. But not to worry! Next time you travel, you can try the following beverages worry free!

Chocolate Caliente – Spain

Yes, Spain is famous for its wines, but next time you’re visiting the country, slip into a little café and order up this amazing chocolate drink. The Spanish don’t mess around with their chocolate, so don’t expect it to be as watered down as traditional Hot Cocoa. This is the real stuff.


Grog – England 

Whether you’re a sailor trying to prevent scurvy, or a tourist trying to prevent a Guinness overdose, Grog is the glug for you. A drink originally concocted to suit sailor’s need for rum AND vitamin C, Grog is a pleasant combination of citrus juice (lime or orange), brown sugar, rum, and water. Want to mix it yourself? Just remember this handy rhyme: ‘One of sour, two of sweet, three of strong, four of weak.’


Citron Presse – France    

Want to know the French secret for staying fashionably cool and collected, even in the summer’s heat? So do we! Alas, all we can do is recommend this stylish French lemonade. Gone is the too sour/too sweet dilemma! Instead you are presented with a glass of freshly squeezed lemon juice, ice, sugar, and a bottle of water which you can combine in any quantity or order to suit your own palate. très magnifique!


Meruñkovice – Czech Republic 

We’ve all heard of moonshine. Some of us may have even tried it. (Gasp!) But it’s doubtful you’ve ever had such artfully made stuff as the Czech-produced meruñkovice. A regional take on the slivovice plum liquor brewed in countries all over the Balkan region, this drink is instead distilled from apricots. Sweet, potent, and probably brewed in someone’s garage, this is the perfect way to get the party started.


Salt Soda Water – China

Known as ‘Yan qi shui’ in Shanghai, this is the soda that was king before Coca Cola destroyed diversity in the cola kingdom. A fizzy, lemony, minty tasting beverage, this is the way to stay hydrated during China’s super humid summers. Despite the salt in its name, yan qi shui is actually more on the sweeter side. The drink has been around since the 1960s and can be found in any supermarket or mom and pop shop.  Get out there! Rehydrate!

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