Geology Science Internship in Edinburgh


Summer 2020 (June 6 – August 1, 2020)




May 15, 2018

Remaining Spaces: 1

Geology Science INTERNSHIP


Compile geologic and assay data on plan maps, cross sections and in databases. You will analyze and interpret laboratory data from samples. Learn to plan, budget and execute exploration programs.



Here you are in the Land of the Gaels. With history and heart as fierce as the men and women who once defended it, you’re sure to find your place among its lochs and braes. Be brave and sample haggis, or opt for sweeter, safer Scottish shortbread, both are best when homemade!



The world’s first City of Literature, Edinburgh is the perfect place to get philosophical over a glass of scotch. Head down Princes and Queens streets, filled with historic boutiques, famous pubs, and many friendly faces. You’ll feel right at home!

Panrimo Internship Guarantee

We guarantee an internship placement to all accepted students. We are the leader in STEM placements.





The largest city in Scotland, Glasgow culture is a charming mix of bohemian lifestyle and ancient Scottish traditions. Visit the Gallery of Modern Art and the Glasgow Cathedral before heading out for some shopping.

Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle


This ancient castle, which rises high over the streets of Edinburgh, is a reminder of the city’s powerful past and violent history. As one of the mightiest military strongholds in Scotland, the castle has seen many battles and sieges, perhaps most notably during the Scottish Wars for Independence.

Scotch Tasting

Scotch Distillery Tour


Take a journey into the ancient tradition of Scottish whiskey brewing with a visit to the famous. Glenkinchie Distillery. Located in Pencaitland, you’ll tour the operations and taste scotch straight from the barrel. This is truly the flavor of the country.

Deacon Brodie's Tavern in Edinburgh

Literary Pub Tour


In this city that has been home to so many influential writers and thinkers, it should come as no surprise that there is a plethora of pubs, inns and hideaways where these aforementioned scribes went for “inspiration”. Join a guided tour through some of the most prominent, and enjoy a pint or two.

“I loved my internship through Panrimo! My Scottish coworkers have been so friendly.”

— Annie Harrison, Central Michigan University

What is Included

Before You Depart

Personal Advisor

Your personal advisor will help with everything from the application process to making sure you feel at home while abroad.

Financial Aid Guidance

Whether it’s a financial aid transfer or advice on budgeting for your new city, Panrimo is there to help.

Visa and Passport Guidance

Our advisors are ready to guide you through the process of applying for your passport and visa. Don’t be afraid to ask questions!

STA Travel Partnership

Panrimo partners with STA Travel to provide affordable options for your travel needs, talk to your advisor before purchasing a ticket!

Resume and Cover Letter Assistance

Starting with an interview and pre-employment skills inventory, our advisors will work with you to polish your resume until it’s perfect.

Pre-Departure Orientation Book

This guide will tell you everything you need to know about living abroad. Be sure to read through it before you board that plane!

Intern for Credit

Your Panrimo advisor will work with your employer and home university to build an internship that counts towards your degree program.

BUNAC Sponsorship

Panrimo covers your application fee for the document necessary to apply for your work visa in the UK (a $900 value.)

Interview With Employer

After accepting your application and perfecting your resume, Panrimo will arrange a video interview with an employer deemed to be the best fit for your internship.

While you are Abroad

Internship Placement

Your placement is created to best develop your skill set in pursuit of your professional goals.

Airport Pickup

Not sure how to navigate your new city? Not to worry, your on-site coordinator will be waiting at the terminal, ready to take you to your housing.


You’ll spend the day with your coordinator, learning the city, the public transportation, and the ins-and-outs of life in a new country.


All housing is safe, centrally located, and well suited for the international adventurer, with easy access to public transportation. See below for more details!


Panrimo organizes awesome cultural activities that will introduce you to the local culture and take you to some of the best attractions. See above for more details!

On-Site Coordinator

Your coordinator is your go-to contact in Edinburgh who helps with anything from finding a gym to providing emergency services. They’re here to ensure your trip is fun and stress-free.

Health Insurance

Your program insurance covers doctor visits, ER coverage, evacuation, and many other services with a standard deductible.

Social Activities

Panrimo’s on-site coordinator will arrange mid-week hangouts at local restaurants and cafes, and will let you know what events are taking place locally.

Farewell Dinner

As a last hurrah before you go join other Panrimo program participants and your on-site coordinator for a farewell dinner.

When You Return

Alumni Program

Panrimo program participants are all over the world, and working in a variety of different professions. Connect professionally, or just share stories!

Post-Program Assistance

Need help readjusting? Your Panrimo advisor keeps in contact to make sure credits are transferred and that you adjust to life back in the States!

Get started today!

Start planning your trip today. Talk to an advisor, request a catalog or start an application. Take the first step!
On-Site Coordinator

Toby Williams

Years in Edinburgh

I’m Edinburgh born and bred!


English, French, and (poor) Italian

Countries Visited

It’s hard to count them all! I’ve taken long tours to New Zealand, USA, Indonesia and Morocco.  And have also crossed Europe by train and car.

What’s your favorite time of year/season in Edinburgh, and why?

The autumn (fall) brings beautiful colors in drawn out sunsets and long soft shadows in yellow light.

Your favorite local food or drink?

Scottish cuisine uses the finest natural produce from a wonderful environment such as lobster, salmon, oysters, game, venison, cheeses and the very best of beef and lamb anywhere.  

Why choose Edinburgh?

Scotland is a country of contrasts with beautiful peaceful places, many islands, lakes, rivers, huge mountains and romantic ruined castles but also sophisticated cultural cities with fabulous architecture, fine art, music, cinema and theatre. You need to see it to believe it!



All Panrimo students will live in a shared apartment. They are all in safe and secure neighborhoods with easy access to public transportation. Single room upgrades may be available. Ask your Panrimo advisor for more information!

Centrally Located


With easy access to your internship and to the attractions of the city, you’ll have no problem enjoying all aspects of your life abroad.

Fully Furnished


All apartments come furnished with furniture, linens, and cooking utensils provided for your comfort.

Easy Access to Public Transportation


The apartments are within easy walking distance of public transportation. This makes navigating your new city a breeze!

Before You Go...

Arrival Airport


All Panrimo students/interns should fly into Edinburgh Airport (EDI) between 10am-2pm, local time, on the first day of their program.



All interns will require a Tier 5 visa in order to work in the United Kingdom. Your Panrimo personal advisor will provide passport and visa assistance after your application is accepted.



The national currency is the British Pound (GBP.) The pound is divided into 1p, 2p, 5p, 10p, 20p, 50p, £1 and £5 value coins, and £5, £10, £20, £50, and £100 value banknotes. £1 equals approximately $1.50.

Local Transportation


In Edinburgh, Lothanian buses are the most common and the cheapest method of transportation. A complete map of the buses and their routes can be found here:



While it may come as no surprise that the Scots speak English, there are still plenty of cultural gaps to fill, particularly when it comes to slang. For example: French fries are called chips, and chips are called crisps. Keep an ear out!



Edinburgh shares a similar climate with London: overcast and rainy. Over the course of the year, the sun shines approximately 35% of the time. Pack jeans, long-sleeve shirts and short sleeves, a windbreaker and a winter coat, umbrella, tennis shoes and waterproof boots. Feel free to pack a few pair of shorts for the summer!