08 Feb Knocking down the price of interning abroad

The New York Times recently gave a shout out to international internships, and Panrimo in particular! While the article made a point to address the pros and cons of interning abroad (international experience looks great on a résumé, but the skills you learn while interning are just as, if not more, important), cost proved a major discussion point. Arguments abound when it comes to privilege and the accessibility of international internships, and Panrimo is dedicated to providing internships for all types of students, and we want to offer advice and insight into making interning abroad an affordable reality for everyone.

Below, you’ll find a few suggestions on how to minimize your expenses for international internships!

  • Utilize the major scholarship search engines

There are dozens of databases available that are explicitly dedicated to indexing available scholarships for students. This should be your first step in searching for scholarships, as these resources are already compiled for you! You’ll find our favorite resources below:

NAFSA’s Scholarship Resources

StudyAbroad.com Scholarships

International Scholarship Search

Foundation for Global Scholars

GoOverseas.com Scholarships

  • After that, search anywhere and everywhere for scholarship

Scholarships can come from some incredibly strange places. Panrimo’s Director of Admissions, Dominic Palazzolo, received several scholarships from his hometown’s baseball league. There’s a scholarship available for left-handed students (yes, for real. Check it out here). The Rotary Foundation offers grants to students who are willing to apply. Panrimo’s University Relations Manager, Ellen Knuth, even found scholarships available for students who are willing to learn about fire sprinklers and take a 10-question, multiple choice, open book quiz.

To illustrate a point, I quickly Googled my hometown’s baseball league and “scholarships” and found two scholarships available for students (apparently, baseball leagues love giving scholarships!). Of course, each scholarship will have it’s own requirements and stipulations, but the point remains: there are scholarships available where you’d least expect them. Think about your skills, previous activities, or even things that you might find remotely interesting, and look for available scholarships!

Panrimo also offers scholarships for students going abroad. Take a look here and apply for some today!

  • Intern abroad for credit!

Most students find it easiest to intern abroad during the summer. Typically, classes are on break, so there’s plenty of time and energy to dedicate to an internship. If you’re looking to intern abroad, reach out to your academic advisor or department head to see if you can earn institutional credit for your internship. If you’re earning credit from your home institution, you’re more likely to be able to transfer state and federal grants and loans to defer your costs. In many cases, scholarships can also be applied to credit-bearing internships, as these are working to enhance both your academic and professional careers. So reach out to your university and see if they’re willing to work with you!

  • Check StudentUniverse for airline tickets, hotels, group activities, and more

StudentUniverse is an incredible resource devoted to helping students find discounts on all types of travel-related activities. There’s great advice from fellow travelers on how to reduce your costs, but more importantly, there are deals all over the place. You can find discounted flight tickets, reduced fares on train tickets throughout Europe, and even discounted passes for tours and activities. Instead of paying a premium abroad, book a low cost itinerary. And even further, StudentUniverse can get you other discounts on purchases from retailers including Apple, Microsoft, J. Crew, Amazon, and more.

  • Consider less traditional locations, or locations with a lower cost of living

Always consider your destination’s cost of living and currency when weighing internship options. While the Euro’s and Pound Sterling’s values have dropped in recent months, historically, the Czech Crown has had a more stable, and favorable, exchange rate. And with the cost of living being lower in Prague, you’ll get more mileage out of your dollar than compared to, say, London. Check an international cost of living calculator, weigh your options, and have an open mind!

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