10 Aug Lasting Impressions of Studying Abroad

This isn't me, but I do look this cool when I wear shades.

This isn’t me, but I do look this cool when I wear shades.

While planning your trip abroad, or even during your trip, all you may be able to focus on are the exciting experiences that lay ahead of you. What you do not see is how your trip will not only leave lasting memories, but a lasting impression on yourself and those around you.

As a personal testimony, I noticed changes in myself almost instantly when I returned from my trip abroad with Panrimo. Two years later I still find benefits!

My trip allowed me to mature in a different way than most of my friends. I gained a greater perspective of the world in general, and grew a new respect for cultures outside my own allowing me to be even more open-minded and adventurous than before. Recently graduated from the university I was attending, I needed to find a more professional job while going after my master’s degree. During my interviews the managers were highly impressed that I traveled abroad to further my education which I believe set me above the rest of the applicants. Two short days later I was hired.

So, what should you take from this? If you’re on the fence about studying abroad, especially for your first time, take that chance and just do so! Seize an opportunity like this while you can, it will really help develop yourself personally and prepare you for finding your dream job after graduating.
I am so glad I took the chance when I did and I know that my experience abroad will affect me in even more positive ways… ways I have yet to understand.

Caitlin Hjerpe
Youngstown State University Graduate

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