16 Jul Lead me through Europe!

During late June and early July, Panrimo’s Director of Study Abroad, Paul Green, and our Internship Coordinator, Stacie Fraley, traveled throughout Europe meeting with our partner universities and internship placements. The team also met with quite a few of our current international students, who were more than happy to show them their favorite discoveries throughout the city.

Over the course of three weeks, the Panrimo team traveled through the Czech Republic, Italy, France, England, and Scotland. Elbows rubbed, hands were shaken, and smiles exchanged. Paul and Stacie attended excursions with students and met with internship supervisors to ensure that both students and their companies were happy and the relationships healthy.

Paul’s wife, Mallory, and son, Hugo, also accompanied the team, providing moral support and of course the occasional laugh from Hugo, who was a hit in Europe (you’ll see why soon!).

One of Paul and Mallory’s goals while traveling was to introduce Hugo to international travel and adventure at a young age. As parents, it’s always fun to get out of the house and into the world, and as international educators, we know that the younger students are when they travel abroad, the more likely they are to continue a lifetime of travel, and likely as well to spend longer times educating themselves abroad. Paul took this as the perfect opportunity to introduce Hugo, who’s just over nine months old, to the world. Suffice to say that Hugo loved it!

Check out their adventures below, as Mallory and Hugo lead Paul through Europe!

Beginning in Prague:

Where are we again?

Oh that’s right, Prague!

Onward to Rome:

You’re looking the wrong way, Hugo!

And then through to Florence:

But what about gelato?

Out to Grenoble:

I can’t swim yet.

Then through Paris:

What’s that behind me?

Before headed over to London:

I’d like to make a collect call please.

And finally into Edinburgh:

It’s chilly!

Take a look at the recap, including a safe arrival home!

Michael Radke

Admissions Coordinator


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