16 Apr My Journey Abroad

My name is Stacie Fraley and I am Panrimo’s Intern Abroad Coordinator. Before accepting the position this January I was a Panroamer myself. I spent the summer of 2012 working at the National Museum through Panrimo’s intern abroad program in Prague, Czech Republic.

I can honestly say I have never felt so sure and relaxed about a decision as I did about going to Prague. This terrified my mother being as I’m normally the worry about and over analyze everything type. The endless possibilities and opportunities that lay ahead of me excited and intrigued me. I was bound and determined to make the most of my short 8 week stay in Prague. I fell in love with the city of Prague, the Czech people, public transit, and the Czech culture. Never in my life have I felt as at home in a place as I did in Prague.

I learned an incredible amount from my amazing coordinator Katerina about the daily operation of the National Museum. Mostly I worked on their online collection called eSbirky. My daily tasks included scanning and uploading photographs of new items and linking them with their descriptions on the website or organizing and categorizing existing items in the system. Many people would say that sounds boring but I loved being handed a disk or flash drive and not knowing what I would find.

Katerina also arranged trips in order to expose me and her other interns to Czech culture and the work of other departments of the National Museum. One of these trips was to the city of Terezin, located an hour or so outside of Prague. The city has a dark and humbling past as it was a concentration camp during World War II. Despite the cities past the work that occurs in the restoration and photography studios at the National Museum location in Terezin is truly remarkable.

To say I had an amazing experience at the National Museum and in Prague would not do it justice. There isn’t a day that goes by that I do not miss the people at the National Museum and the city of Prague itself. The longing to go back to Prague is what drove me to apply for the position at Panrimo. I want every intern student to have an experience as wonderful if not more than I did. Hopefully one day I will return to Prague until then communication with Katerina and fellow interns will help keep the memories and the desire to return alive.


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