22 Jul No Travel Selfie! 5 Places to Resist the Urge

We all do it. Selfies have taken over our society as a main way of communicating ‘Hey guys! I’m here, doing this, right now, and I am TOTES ADORBZ!’ This is all well and good, but in the recent furor over the Auschwitz selfie on Twitter, here are some suggested places where you should put the phone down and walk away.

5) War Memorials

They put others before themselves. It's past time to return the respect.

They put others before themselves. It’s past time to return the respect.


We’re not sure why you’d want to, but maybe finally visiting the place where Great-Grandpa died during WWII seems like the perfect selfie-opp. Please don’t. War memorials, memorials of any kind for that matter, are places that should be held sacred in remembrance of those who died for something larger than themselves. Regular pictures are fine, but please don’t make this about you. It’s about THEM.

4) On the Edge (of a mountain, or a building, or a cliff, or anything really)

Just...no. Time to go home.

Just…no. Time to go home.


We all like to look daring, and nothing is more awesome than posting that pic of you hanging off the edge of the Grand Canyon on Instagram (#OMGfalling). But please, for those of us with a fear of heights, and for all those people way down below you on the ground, could you please just not? Someone is gonna lose either their lunch or their life, and both scenarios leave us with a sick feeling in our stomach.

3) Religious Ceremonies (When You Aren’t Participating)

Who's next?

Who’s next?


See the picture above? We realize this example might be a bit extreme, but ultimately human sacrifice was a religious ceremony for the Aztecs. Now, should you stumble upon such a happening, would you take a selfie? I realize quite a few of you just replied ‘HELL YES’, but let’s think about this for a moment: This act of ritual is something that required a lot of preparation (feather headdresses don’t just make themselves), and the people involved seem rather emotionally invested. So it must be important, right? Why would you want to thrust yourself into the middle of that for, at the most, 5 minutes of trending on Twitter? Plus, by doing so, you have outed yourself as a wannabe participant. Which position do you think just opened up?

2) De-militarized Zones

Why won't they smile??

Why won’t they smile??


First of all: What are you DOING there? Secondly: They let you keep your phone? Thirdly: North Korea, man. You shouldn’t selfie with crazy.

1)  With Wild Animals

Honey! I think he wants to play!

Honey! I think he wants to play!


‘Awww, but LOOK! They’re playing! No one will believe this happened if I don’t take a picture with them!’ Alas, this may be true, but stay in that safari vehicle/whitewater raft/tour bus, honey. Wild animals, though extremely photogenic, just aren’t very good at making duck-faces on cue. Well, unless they’re ducks. But…yeah, just use the zoom on your digital camera instead.

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