03 Jun Preparing your Body for Life Abroad

Get ready for those far-away beaches!

Get ready for those far-away beaches!

Let’s not beat around the bush, when you’re getting ready to travel the world, you want to be in the best shape (physically and mentally) as possible! While these three tips may seem basic and simple, they will be imperative to staying healthy while abroad so you can get the most out of your studies or internship.

1. About 2 weeks before your trip, eat a balanced diet full of protein, vitamins and all that good stuff to keep you healthy. Increase your water in-take, so that when you go abroad you are taking double the amount of water. Though this may make you envious of first class with each trip to the plane’s bathroom just outside those secluded seats, dehydration from breathing recycled airplane air is worse.

2. The week before leaving abroad will be an emotional rollercoaster ride. Schedule time to prepare your body for a different time zone. Try staying up later, going to bed earlier and/or waking up earlier or later depending on where you’re heading. This will help keep your body from entering shock once arriving to your destination. Following through with this step will keep you from getting sick and easily worn down, which I learned the hard way.

3. Lastly, try to take part in a little more physical activity than you already do. I’m not saying you should run a marathon, but maybe walk instead of using an escalator, just as an example. Or head to your local gym a month before your trip. You’re going to be in a foreign country with new things to see, so you will be walking a lot more than usual.

Safe travels, happy exploring,

Caitlin H., former Panroamer


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