27 Oct Say Cheese

There are many things in my life for which I am grateful, not being lactose intolerant chief among them.

You may wonder why that would be so high on my list and the answer is, simply, cheese. Cheese is a glorious use of dairy that comes in so many varieties you continuously discover new favorites. With so many cheeses left to try, here are 5 unique cheeses to put on your bucket list.

5) Tomme Au Marc De Raisin

Traditionally a Christmas cheese, the process begins in autumn when cow’s milk is salted and curdled. Wrapped and doused in brandy, it is then completely covered in the same raisins that were used to make the alcohol. Decadent, right? Better make sure to have some crackers on hand to balance out the richness.

4) Stilton Au Porto

If there were a hierarchy within cheese society, Stilton Au Porto would be king. A historic blue cheese, its production dates back to the 18th century, with only 6 modern dairies licensed to produce it. Turned daily to ensure it is aging evenly, the cheese is soaked in port to achieve the signature creaminess and blue veins.

3) Tchnerni Vit

This cheese is region-specific to a town of the same name located in a small Bulgarian province. Made from the milk of local sheep, the curds are salted, and put into a lime wood box, which is then taken out into the mountains and left there until the end of October. Once retrieved, the box is opened and the cheese further matures, developing the blue mold that is highly prized amongst foodies.

2) Epoisses

This cheese is the only one on the list that could result in you getting arrested. In France it is considered a felony to bring this cheese on public transport because it is just that smelly. A favorite of Napoleon’s, Epoisses is made from raw cow’s milk, which is then washed in pomace brandy and left to ‘age’. The result is a very runny, VERY smelly cheese. Be warned: If your cheese develops a stink like ammonia don’t eat it, it has aged a bit too much.

1) Stilton Gold Cheese

First things first, this cheese is made with gold. Gold leaf on top, gold sprinkled through the cheese itself, and aged in gold liquor, this stilton is about as fancy as it gets. It should come as no surprise, then, that the price reflects this at more than $1000 USD for a kilogram. A kilogram! Better start saving now.

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