14 Nov Shanghai Shenanigans

No one is ever bored in Shanghai, a city with an intoxicating mix of old-world glamour and skyscraping, breakneck modernity. Here is a list to get you started on the city’s most popular attractions.

Visit The Bund

Start your Shanghai explorations in the Bund, a collection of opulent, colonial-era buildings curving along the western bank of the Huángp? River. Wander the upmarket restaurants, bars, shops and hotels, enjoying views across the neon-striped river. From here, pulsating East Nanjing Rd heads away from the waterfront to the skyscraper-lined People’s Square.

Cruise the Huangpu River

From the Bund, you can take in the Huangpu River from one of 30 tourist boats. Channel old Shanghai in a Shikumen craft, join a pirate boat or deluxe cruiser, or step onto a dragon boat evoking the Ming and Qing dynasty. On the east side of the river you’ll see the steel and glass towers, such as the Oriental Pearl TV Tower, that characterize the city’s financial and commercial center. On the west bank is The Bund, Monument to the People’s Heroes, Waibaidu Bridge and Huangpu Park, Shanghai oldest park.

Hit the shops

Shanghai is a teeming, late-night shopper’s delight, and subway Line 1 conveniently links the city’s three main shopping areas of Nanjing Road, Huanhai Road and Xujiahui. Wander west along Nanjing East Road to the brightly-lit shops and bustling tea houses and bars of Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street.

Hang out in tea houses

Experience the unique culture of Shanghai’s 24-hour tea houses, where locals come to chat, play cards and people watch, as well as drink tea.  Check out Easy Tea House on Rui Jin Er Lu, the elegant Jingyuan Tea-Art House in the Old French Concession Area and Mo Li Tea House on Jing Xi Lu.

Embrace the nightlife

Shanghai has no end of nightlife options for the young and young at heart. Head to fashionable Xin Tian Di, where the distinctive Shikumen buildings of the 1920s and 1930s are now home to karaoke restaurants, chic coffee houses, upmarket nightclubs and open-air bars. Or try Hengshan Road, near Xujiahui Commercial Circle, where an incredible array of bars caters to every mood. Popular with foreigners is swanky Maoming South Road, home to long-running Judystoo, the Babyface lounge bar and the Colors and Face clubs inside the Ruijin Hotel. Another favorite nightclub destination is Fuxing Park on Haolan Road, often called ‘France Garden’ because it is China’s only well-preserved French park.

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