16 Mar Sláinte!

Looking for cosy wooden booths, Gaelic beer on tap and a friendly, no-nonsense bartender who will spin you a yarn? There’s a reason Irish pubs have become a worldwide phenomenon.

You’ve doubtless been to one in your own city, but what about in Ireland? What are the best Irish pubs and where can you find them? Glad you asked…


O’Loclainn’s, Ballyvaughan

This non-descript bar, tucked away in the back of an alley, is a popular haunt for long-time locals. While it’s just a small room with a stove, this little pub has one of the city’s most impressive selections of whiskies.


Hi-B, Cork

No larger than a living room, Hi-B is notorious for its stringent upkeep of Irish traditions. The tiny bar is virtually unchanged since it first opened 90 years ago. Mobiles are banned and whisky is welcomed.


O’Riada’s, Kilkenny

This small, often overcrowded pub is a lovably shambolic place to stop and have a pint. Enjoy a strong Guinness or get lost in its labyrinthine corridors to get a taste for this real Irish pub.


Mulligan’s of Poolbeg St, Dublin

Considered one of the last big-name Irish pubs that has not bowed down to commercialism, Mulligan’s is a time-warp to the Ireland of the 1850’s. Ignore the television – its only modern addition – and appreciate the hand-carved wooden paneling and cozy rustic interior.


Tigh Neachtain’s, Galway

What could be better than snuggling by an open fire with a large glass of stout? If you’re after an authentic Irish pub experience there are few better places than Tigh Neachtain. Come summer time, the pub also has outdoor seating, giving you the perfect place to watch the passing parade.


Now that you’re in the know, St. Patty’s Day really can last forever. (Or at least for as long as your liver holds out) Have fun!

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