03 Nov Staying Healthy While Traveling

If you'll be living somewhere for a while, maybe think about buying a bike!

If you’ll be living somewhere for a while, maybe think about buying a bike!

Changing altitude, people from all over the globe, different climate–OH MY! How on earth is a traveler supposed to stay healthy while roaming? Here are a few quick and very easy tips on how to keep your immune system in tip top shape while you are adventuring:

1. Drink so much water! Of all the tips we will talk about today, this is truly the most important one! Staying hydrated will help keep your body in balance, despite your new and changing surroundings.

2. Go for a walk, a run, a stretch, etc. — Especially after sitting on a plane or train for who knows how many hours, make sure to stretch it out. Even while en route, walking the aisle of the plane or train is great for your circulation, especially on trips longer than a handful of hours. Your legs will thank you later!

3. Pack snacks… This may sound a little juvenile, but snacks are such life savers! When traveling, it’s very easy to just not eat. Life is busy–you’re on planes and trains and simply don’t have time and all of a sudden 12 hours have gone by and you’re body isn’t so happy. Snacks will SO help in this situation. Make sure to read up on the rules regarding bringing food on planes / trains, but if at all possible have some snacks available–these little nuggets of energy will keep you going throughout the day so you can get the most of your trip!

4. Rest! This will probably be the last thing on your mind when traveling–“how could I possibly rest when I’m so busy adventuring!”. Look, I totally get that, but how will you have energy for more adventures when you never rest! Aha! Adequate sleep is so crucial in feeling your best which will help you experience your trip in the best way possible. Sleep on the planes and trains ( I know, it can be hard ), and work in a nap here or there especially when adjusting to a new time zone. Listen to your body–you will thank me later!

5. Be smart. So with all these tips in your back pocket, use your own common sense. Make sure to listen to your body: if it is saying ‘get more sleep’ or ‘stop drinking yourself silly every night’–take heed or else you could be paying for it later. By drinking water, energizing yourself through snacks and nourishing food, working in some form of physical movement and adequate rest you will find yourself feeling your best and in turn find yourself having the BEST time on your trips!

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