19 Jan Travel Resolutions: 2015

The Panrimo staff didn’t get into the business of study abroad by staying at home. We’re all true travelers at heart, and with a brand new year before us, there are plenty of places on our “To-Go” lists. Because writing them all down would be impossible (and might crash our website), we have instead limited ourselves to one destination apiece. So where are you going this year?


Paul – Founder, Executive Director

Fearless leaders aren't afraid of comets.

Fearless leaders aren’t afraid of comets.

Place: The United Kingdom

Reason: There are many golf courses waiting to be conquered. 


Dominic – Director of Admissions

"Starry Night" has competition.

“Starry Night” has competition.

Place: Bavaria

Reason: The Christmas markets! Time to finally try those soft pretzels and mulled wine at the best time of the year.


Emily – Intern Abroad Advisor

Queen of all she surveys.

Queen of all she surveys.

Place: Egypt

Reason: Seeing the pyramids has been a dream since childhood. Hieroglyphics? Mummy curses? Yes, please!


Michael – Study Abroad Advisor

All the best portraits wear cheese hats.

All the best portraits wear cheese hats.

Place: Poland

Reason: Time to return to the ancestral land! With both grandparents native to this country, it would be nice to see the places from the family stories.


Ellen – University Relations Manager

Totally just upped the ant-e.

Totally just upped the ante.

Place: France

Reason: A visit to Paris wasn’t enough, there’s a lot more country to see! First on the list: Versailles, palace to end all palaces.


Audry – Study Abroad Coordinator

Never doubt the existence of unicorns.

Never doubt the existence of unicorns.

Place: Ireland

Reason: This is one bucket-list item that is definitely getting scratched off this year!


Caroline – Intern Abroad Coordinator

Don't underestimate the power of a good pose.

Don’t underestimate the power of a good pose.

Place: Hawaii

Reason: The ultimate honeymoon destination! This is the perfect place to have both relaxation AND adventure.


They say that once you tell someone your new year’s resolution, it makes you more likely to complete it successfully. Will it work? Only time will tell. But no matter what country you end up in: Bon Voyage!




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