13 May Treat Yourself

pick-and-mix-171342_1280One of my favorite things about traveling is the chance to try out foreign foods, specifically candy. Nothing can compare to the discovery of a new favorite sweet in a wrapper that is impossible to decipher. Foreign candies have also given me some of the more startling taste sensations I’ve experienced.

You should never let a few bad tastes stop you from adventuring, though. To help further your quest for sweet sensations I’ve compiled some of the candies you absolutely must try. Some of these are so good the taste more than justifies the price of the plane ticket.

Wine Gums – England

Wine gums are chewy, gummy candies that are flavored after a variety of your favorite alcoholic beverages, with none of the hangover after-effects. In every bag you’ll be able sample burgundy, champagne, claret, gin, port, and sherry. Cheers!

Kinder Country – Germany

Purportedly a good source of your daily dairy, Kinder Country bars consist of a milky cream layered over puffed rice and then covered with some of the best milk chocolate you’ve ever had. Super delicious, but it melts fast, so eat quickly!

Chimes Mango Ginger Chews – Indonesia

Made with ginger grown in the volcanic soil of Java, these chews are spicy, sweet, and great for settling your stomach after a night out on the town. As a bonus they’re also gluten free and vegan, so feel free to share!

Alfort – Japan

Though many people don’t associate chocolate sweets with Japan, these cookies are sit-down-and-take-a-moment good. The crunchy, crumbly biscuit is covered with thick, dark chocolate for maximum yum. It also comes in green-tea flavor!

Lutti Arlequin – France

These small sweet and sour candies are fruity, tangy, and addictive. Individually wrapped and brightly colored they are a favorite of adults and children alike. Careful, you’ll be finishing the entire bag in no time!

Baci – Italy

If you’re a fan of buckeye candy, then meet your new love: Baci. Baci are chocolate “kisses” with a sumptuous whipped chocolate-hazelnut filling, with just a bit of crunch. This is all topped by a whole hazelnut covered in chocolate. Yum!

Galil Turkish Delight – Turkey

Anyone who read “The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe” as a child remembers the sweeties the White Witch used to lure Edmund away to her stronghold. Turkish Delights are sweet jellies covered with powdered sugar. Prepare to swoon.

Drooling yet? Same here. We’re gonna take a short trip to the candy store and then start researching trips to Turkey and Japan and France and…well you get the point. See you there!

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