12 Dec Trim Your Tree

Nothing gets you more in the spirit of the season like decorating your home for the holidays. The lights, the glittery tree ornaments, the smell of fresh pine… But when you’re living in cramped quarters (especially overseas), it becomes much more difficult to fully outfit your home for Christmas, particularly when it comes to decorating a tree.

What if your ceilings are too low? What if you barely have floor space for your couch, much less a full-size Christmas tree? What if your landlord disallows trees (real or fake) because they’re fire hazards?

If you can’t bring a tree inside, head outside! There are some festive holiday tree decorations in a European town near you.


Each year, Scots display a beautiful Christmas tree on The Mound.


Although the official first lighting of the tree took place at the end of November, there are tons of other wintery events taking place that will put you in the holiday spirit. After you take in the festive lights, enjoy the musical and theatrical performances, taste some delicious, local holiday fare, and go ice skating. Lucky for us, Edinburgh’s Christmas continues through early January.


Christmas lights in London are a spectacle to see. Super glamourous and festive – be sure to check out all the different areas, including the lights (and shopping) on Bond Street, Covent Gardens (don’t forget to feed the reindeer), and nightly caroling performances at the tree in Trafalgar Square (an annual gift from Norway for the Brit’s assistance during WWII).



If you’re in Prague, head to Old Town for local charm and shopping in the town square. Grab some hot mulled wine and wander around town, taking in the sights of the Christmas tree and visiting different local artisan stalls.



At the end of the day, though, nothing beats your own in-home tree. But if you can’t bring a 7-foot tall blue spruce into your living room, try a crafty alternative.

Use whatever local greenery is at your disposal and make a unique tabletop tree


This could get interesting…

Or make a fresh-smelling sapling. Try this one with green spearmints!


If you don’t have access to a styrofoam cone, I’d say any hardy paper would do the trick!

And a couple of years ago, Buzzfeed published a pretty spectacular list of DIY Christmas trees.


For you less crafty folks out there, make sure to check out #2, 9, 17 and 30.


Whether it’s tall or short, green or multi-colored, in your home or in the town square, there are so many ways to enjoy a traditional Christmas tree. Happy holidays!

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