06 May Where the World Vacations

pier-569314_1280Spring is here and with it comes the inevitable urge to travel during the upcoming summer months. Though the vast majority of Americans travel domestically, there are still those who wander farther. These are the people who dream of tropical getaways to Mexico, or hiking adventures in the northern wilds of Canada. These are the travelers who don’t feel fulfilled until there is a new stamp in their passport and a new security tag on their baggage.

Seasonal wanderlust is hardly limited to Americans. In fact, Europeans are famous for their vacations. It certainly helps to live on a continent full of distinct nations easily reached by a car trip or short plane flight. Interestingly, a study conducted on travel trends for the EU noted that vacation destinations differ by nationality. Here are some of the results.

Italians vacation in France.

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Yep, even Italians need a break from pasta occasionally. They head inland to the mountains and cities of France for a refreshing getaway.

British go to Spain.

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It’s no secret that the Brits love the Mediterranean coast. Tans, tea, and tapas; Spain is the dream destination for everyone looking to escape the grey skies of England.

The Irish visit the UK.


This is a bit of a surprise until you consider that you can get a round trip from Dublin to London for $50. $50! You can hardly buy a suitcase for that price!

Czech tourists choose Slovakia.


Though not well known in the US, Slovakia is a gorgeous country located next to the Czech Republic and amongst some of the prettiest mountains in Europe.

French people go to Spain, and Spanish people go to France.

Do you think they have a secret agreement that we don’t know about? These neighbors basically trade travelers during the summer.

So what will your personal travel trend be this summer? Will you join your fellow Americans in Mexico? Or perhaps go hang out with your British friends in Spain? Side trip to Slovakia? Where ever you choose, be sure to take pictures!

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