09 Nov Why NAFSA is worth it

Maps, the original travel inspiration.

Maps, the original travel inspiration.

My colleague Paul Green and I returned this morning from attending two regional international educators conferences; one in Champaign, Illinois, the other in Louisville, Kentucky. I had a great time. It’s like dating a great person but only going out once a year.

NAFSA is to the international higher education field as Consumer Reports is to the homeowner/car owner/microwave purchaser. It has a mission of guiding us all in international higher education to a higher purpose. A purpose of connecting people with unique opportunities fostering debate and comradely in all aspects international education.

NAFSA’s online resources of how best to prepare a student for life abroad and how better to work with faculty are quality publications and resources. Their “best practices” guidelines put organizations like Panrimo, parents of students, universities abroad, faculty and college administrators on the same page. And tips from colleagues in the field, great conversations over luncheons, and evenings during conferences when ties are loosened and high heels stepped out of—the human side of each person seen—is appreciated.

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